What we do

We make it easier for you to get on with what you do best.  The average office server is capable of supporting many more users than what it usually does.  Typically at the end of its useable life, this equiment has not been properly utilised at all, a waste of your capital.
We have built an industrial strength system that consists of a number of servers and storage pods that work in tandem in a secured facility. Furthermore we duplicate all of your data onto a second site, and then take daily backups just to be extra certain. (we can provide a regular backup if you would like us to do so).
Our system is housed in the Datacentre of the Yellow Duck Internet Exchange in Antwerp. This is facility is connected with multiple links to the internet. It is also secured against theft, fire and flooding.
Once you have taken the decision to move into the cloud, we assess your current resources and at a mutually agreed time, move everything onto our system.
Each user is provided a login and they can commence working from wherever you think it is appropriate for them do so, just as long as there is an internet connection.
There is no need to pay for licences for anything except windows on the local PC anymore. Licences for the most popular MS products are provided as part of the monthly connection fee. And when a new version comes out, we upgrade you.
We provide the following:
  • Virtual desktop (looks like windows) accessible across the internet
  • Email access, from Outlook, Webmail, Blackberry, iPhone, HTC etc
  • Access to all MS Office applications in virtual desktop
  • Customised applications
  • Telephony VOIP preferred rates through independent ITSP
  • Local numbers in other countries which connect to your own phone
  • Follow me settings in phone system
  • Virtual Servers if you want to build your own platform
  • Rack space if you want to do everything yourself
  • Build you a website and link you applications into it
  • Sharepoint document management systems and office organisation
  • Lotus Notes development and support
We also provide these services outside of the hosted environment if you would like to own the platform yourself.


GDPR Compliancy

GDPR Compliancy is a European wide Mandate that came into force in May of 2018. 
This new legislation is designed to sensitize all organizations to the need to protect the private data of individual persons. It is no longer a simple matter of telling everyone the data is safe, but a requirement that has to be diligently complied with and on demand proven to be so. Much of the legislation is common sense. However, there are some procedures need to be followed so that these can, on demand, be demonstrated to be in order. Changes may need to be made to the way data is gathered and stored and contracts with third parties reviewed to ensure everyone is following the legislation.  Synctel has been in the cloud computing business for many years and understands well how important it is that your data is kept safe and stored in a manner that complies with the this legislation. Are you comfortable with your compliancy? If you have questions or are uncertain if your organization is GDPR Compliant, contact us. We have a partnership with a certified auditor (DASC BVBA, Data Security Consulantant) who can guide you to compliancy.